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Ice Dam Removal
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Ice dams can wreak havoc on your home and create dangerous walkways. Let Rock & Tait in Eau Claire steam them away and permanent recommend solutions.

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Steam ice dams away.

Although ice dams occur on the outside of your home, you see the damaging effects inside your home.

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. The water then has nowhere to go and backs up behind the dam, leaking into your home and potentially causing damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, gutters, and shingles. There are three main causes for ice dams:

  • Insufficient Insulation — Without adequate insulation, it is difficult to regulate temperature in the attic space of your home.
  • Improper Attic Ventilation — Excessive warm air in the attic can cause the snow on the roof to melt, regardless of outside temperature.
  • Mother Nature — Snow must be present and the temperature must consistently be 32 degrees or colder.

Need an ice dam gone today? We can rid your home of damaging ice dams using our steaming system. It is safer for your shingles and gutters, and cuts ice removal time by half!

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Stop Ice Dams Permanently with Proper Insulation and Attic Ventilation

Insulate your attic with blown-in insulation. Install environmentally-friendly cellulose blown-in insulation in your home. Not only will your home be more energy efficient, it will also reduce your bill.

Learn more about blown-in insulation.

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Need an ice dam removed before it causes permanent damage? We can help. Then, let's talk about how to stop the ice dam from coming back.

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They just don't put a roof on your home, they install a SYSTEM that will do what a roof and venting system should do, decreasing problems down the road. I wouldn't have gone to them to do a second roofing job here in Eau Claire if I hadn't been completely satisfied with their first roofing job on our house in Durand.

Constance Tealey

I started out with Steve, he was the only contractor to repair the bedroom ceiling without ripping out all of the dry wall, that really was a game changer for me.  Steve also gave up time to work with the insurance company which ensured coverage minus the deductible.   When the job was started, the crews and crew leaders were exceptional and very respectful.  All of them understood their jobs and got to work.  I will always be grateful for their work ethic. I would never hesitate recommending Rock & Tait. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Paulette Wagner

Rock and Tait did a very good job on our roofs and foaming of our box sills. They sat down with us initially to explain everything and were very proactive with communication throughout the entire process. There were a few minor issues that I noticed and they were very quickly resolved. While they were not the cheapest bid that we got, they did work with us on the price, and we felt the value we got from it was worth the premium. We would highly recommend them!  

Harry Strand

Great job on a very large re-roof that was done perfectly.  Done in March-April 2018 during the time of the great snow falls.  Everything was done perfectly by Trevor and his team.  We were kept appraised with comments and pictures as we were not home when they did the work.  Included a new roof, all new gutters and guards, re-insulation of our great room and installation of a solar tube in one bathroom.  Could not be happier knowing they use their own crews and stand behind the work they do.  GREAT JOB!

Thomas Kell

I started to have roof leaking issues in the spring after I purchased my home. From my understanding, it had been a perpetual problem of multiple owners. I contacted Rock & Tait and they diagnosed the problem immediately. They came up with a solution and within two weeks everything looked brand-new. They made sure to finish the job as perfectionists, rather than to meet a labor goal. Can't say enough positive things about my experience with Rock & Tait.

Jedd Smith

Couldn't ask for a better contractor or crew. Great options and pricing.

Roy Witherspoon

Great job on a very large re-roof that was done perfectly and in March-April during the time of the great snowfalls! We were kept appraised with comments and pictures as we were not home when they did the work. Included a new roof, all new gutters and guards, insulation of our great room, and installation of a solar tube in one bathroom. Could not be happier knowing they use their own crews and stand behind the work they do.

Thomas Kell

I had new roofing installed on my house that was built in 1940, with the vast majority of the work being done in one day with them finishing up the following day.  Josh, Ryan and the rest of the team were very professional and took the time to answer all my questions and or concerns. The following week, Tyler and one other individual came out to install seamless gutters with heating coils.  Again, both were very professional and answered any question that I had. Both teams went above and beyond with areas that I had pointed out with some of my questions and took care of some minor things as a simple courtesy to me that weren't part of the actual work being done. Overall, I am extremely happy with the completed work and everyone involved with the two projects.  I would most definitely consider them for future projects.

Gary Brooks

Did a great job on my new roof. Looks amazing and they even redid the flashing on the chimney. Arrived at 8AM, done by 4PM. Great work

Benjamin Schoeder

We just had our office roof replaced by Rock & Tait. The team was professional and safety conscious - caution tape, protective tarps, etc. Safety was important because this was during our normal office hours. They told us it would take four days and it took only three! They used a specific piece of equipment to dispose of the old roofing debris without trashing our landscaping. They even went to bat for us with the original shingle manufacturer. Thank you for a job well done!

Clara Nohre

We called Rock and Tait and they responded promptly. They gave us an estimate and started on the roof within two weeks. The crew did an excellent job completed it in one day  

Raymond Horvatin

Several years ago, I hired Rock & Tait to re-roof our house. I was impressed with the quality of their workmanship, the friendliness of the workers, and the cleanup afterward. We recently purchased a new home and needed to have the ice dams removed the gutters cleared and new heat tapes installed. When hiring people to do work for you, it is a good feeling to hire companies that you trust. I recommend Rock and Tait without reservation.

Daniel Newman

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