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Foundation Insulation
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Foundation insulation is key part of an overall strategy to turn your Eau Claire area home into an energy efficient one.

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A good foundation has insulation.

Properly air sealing vulnerable spots in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs and create a healthier indoor environment.

First, we recommend a home performace test. The test includes depressurizing your home to measure air changes per hour, infrared scanning to identify air loss, insulation level evaluation, humidity testing, and combustion safety check. Then, we give you educated recommendations for optimum energy efficiency. We can usually improve on both the interior and exterior of your foundation. It will save you energy and money, while also making your basement more comfortable. Foundation insulation may even qualify you for rebates.

Interior Benefits of Foundation Insulation: On the interior of your unfinished concrete/block walls, we recommend the installation of a Thermax foil faced foundation insulation. It's the only product that has been fire tested, allowing you to leave it unfinished. Any other choices of foam board like Johns Manville or Pink board work equally as well, but you must install a fireproof finish such as drywall over them after the installation.

Exterior Benefits of Foundation Insulation: We install 1-inch rigid foam around the exterior perimeter of your home to a minimum of 10 inches below grade. After installation of the foundation insulation, you will instantly notice a much more comfortable basement, because the warm to cold transfer can no longer take place. This can drastically improve the comfort of your home. We offer a crushed rock or stucco finish as our standard option and can install custom colors to match almost any color scheme.

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Our Foundation Insulation Product Lines

Dupont Thermax Insulation

DuPont™ Thermax™ (ci) exterior insulation delivers one of the highest R-values available for immediate insulation and weather protection.

Visit DuPont™'s website.

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Rock & Tait put together an itemized estimate for us based on our energy performance test results. We were able to prioritize the items completed and went from a 1575 CFM -ACH of 4 down to 792 CFM -ACH of 1.9 = 51% reduction in air loss! Our heating and air system doesn't have to run as hard or as long as before = $$$ saved. I couldn't be happier that I selected Rock & Tait. Their ability to do it all made the entire process easy.

Rick Podolak

The crew came and asked for direction to ensure they were in the right space, let me know how the progress was going and helped clean up some brick dust mess that was unexpected. They were kind and respectful and thanked me when they left. We had four inches of spray foam insulation out on our ceiling of our business, which was a large job. Our gutter work looks nice too.  

Rebecca Gudis

Our experience with Rock and Tait was positive all the way around. They arranged for an energy audit and followed up with recommendations. They communicated the plan and kept us up-to-date with progress. Everyone on the crew was professional and friendly. We had our 1960s house reroofed, some windows and a storm door replaced, the attic insulated, ventilation added, and exhaust fans installed. I would work with them again!

Joyce Olson

Great job on a very large re-roof that was done perfectly.  Done in March-April 2018 during the time of the great snow falls.  Everything was done perfectly by Trevor and his team.  We were kept appraised with comments and pictures as we were not home when they did the work.  Included a new roof, all new gutters and guards, re-insulation of our great room and installation of a solar tube in one bathroom.  Could not be happier knowing they use their own crews and stand behind the work they do.  GREAT JOB!

Thomas Kell

Rock & Tait insulated and dry-walled my garage. It made a huge difference in the temperature inside the garage. Work was done quickly and clean-up was done promptly. The cost was minimal and saved me many labor hours. I highly recommend Rock & Tait!

Mike Drexler

My house was built in the 1930s and likely hadn't been meaningfully insulated since. This year, I decided to bite the bullet and get it done (plus attic venting, bathroom fan, and basement crawl space insulation). It's only been finished for a few weeks, but I can definitely feel the difference already! With gas bills skyrocketing this winter, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what a difference this will make. Rock & Tait did a great job, and I'm so thrilled to have this finished!

Laura Buchholz

The Rock & Tait team that came to our house to redo our attic insulation and ventilation did a fantastic job. The team was troopers crawling into some tight spaces to make sure our house would be airtight. We were also very impressed with the quality of work and craftsmanship on our awning that needed to be replaced. We can't recommend them enough!

Justin Kaatz

Our experience with Rock & Tait was outstanding. They laid out every detail for the job, then worked to give us the best service and product within our budget. There was no pressure at all. Both of the crews we had (insulation and exterior work) were outstanding! When they were done, it was as if they were never here - minus the incredible work they did! I would highly recommend Rock & Tait for any of your jobs!  

Chad Semling

I started out with Steve, he was the only contractor to repair the bedroom ceiling without ripping out all of the dry wall, that really was a game changer for me.  Steve also gave up time to work with the insurance company which ensured coverage minus the deductible.   When the job was started, the crews and crew leaders were exceptional and very respectful.  All of them understood their jobs and got to work.  I will always be grateful for their work ethic. I would never hesitate recommending Rock & Tait. Thank you so much for a job well done!

Paulette Wagner

We have had Rock and Tait do a few updates to our house. Even though it was a new house when we moved in, years later we realised some upgrades were necessary. Kane himself has helped us with suggestions that have really proven the right way with today's technology. And when we recently needed some adjustments to a prior install, again Kane showed up first to assess, and then said he'd get us scheduled. The issue was upgraded, fixed, and resolved. With all the places you can read or hear about on social media, it's nice to know the owners keep it contact with their customers.

Jeff Wirth

I had an energy assessment earlier this spring and after receiving my detailed assessment I reached out to Rock & Tait. Our project was more than just insulating due to some complex design flaws within our home. The service was excellent and their communication throughout the project exceeded expectations. They were meticulous in the details and it showed in our follow-up energy assessment. Well worth the investment!

Jeffrey Henon

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