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Insulation ensures you keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the season, which is important when you're living in or near Eau Claire with the seasonal extremes we face here. If you're tired of having to turn your thermostat up and down, it might be time to think about hiring an insulation contractor.

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Insulation Evaluation

You know it’s frustrating to have to keep visiting the thermostat over and over while your furnace fights to keep up with the cold Eau Claire winters. Even more frustrating is the high heating bills that accompany the constantly running furnace. Let Rock & Tait, your Eau Claire insulation contractors, evaluate your home and insulation. You'll learn where improvements could be made to the insulation and keep warm temperatures in and cold temperatures out.

Prevent Bigger Problems

With Insulation

In addition to energy savings and rebates, insulation can save you money in other ways, too. Ice dams are a common, and often costly, winter problem for many Eau Claire residents. Ice dams can wreak havoc on your structure, and cause major issues to your roofing and gutters. Proper insulation in your home can help prevent ice dam formation. Learn more about ice dam removal.


Stop suffering through the temperature extremes in Eau Claire. Insulation helps you keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the season, no matter the outside weather. Let us help you plan insulation that will save you money and improve home comfort.


Can a $300 test really save you thousands of dollars? YES. With a Home Performance Test, you will see exactly where you are losing heat – and wasting money. Once the test is complete, our Eau Claire insulation contractors will show you areas you can improve insulation that will lead to an immediate impact on your comfort and your energy bill.


You want your home to feel comfortable for you and your family. We’ll help you keep warmer in winter and cooler in summer with improved insulation. This also means maintaining the indoor air quality and keeping unwanted noises out. Stop suffering through the temperature extremes in Eau Claire. Rock & Tait has professional Project Advisors and Insulation Contractors who can help you update your insulation, meaning you will save money and improve your home comfort.


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“From the initial estimate to final clean-up, all appointments were timely kept. In short it was a great roofing job with superior service, all at a fair price.”

- Jerry and Mary K.

“You two were previously so helpful to us that we were sure that your roofing service would be excellent… and it was.“

- Bonnie K.

“From start to finish, a professional, timely job well done. It is rare these days to find true customer service – I would rank Rock & Tait among the best.”

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Rock & Tait Exteriors exceeded my expectations and were worth every penny spent! The workers were always courteous, on time, and made sure we were well informed of any issues.

- Sarah B.

We recently contracted Rock & Tait to pour our stamped concrete patio. I was impressed with their professionalism from beginning to end. Kane was very accommodating working around my schedule and made it clear that they will do whatever it took to make us happy.

- Jerrod & Kelly M.

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