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Seamless Rain Gutters
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Seamless gutters keep water away from your home and prevents issues with your roof, siding, and foundation. Rock & Tait is a leading gutter installer in Eau Claire.

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Prevent water damage with seamless rain gutters.

Using top quality Norandex® gutter products, you will be amazed at the difference new seamless gutters will make to your property.

Professional installed gutters can be one of the smartest investments you can make to avoid water damage which can lead to a host of problems, including harmful mold and mildew build up in your walls.

Gutters collect rain water and guide excessive amounts of water away from the house. This helps prevent water saturating into the ground next to your home, and reduces the chances of foundation destruction during the winter months as water expands when changing to ice.

Water can also filter under your footings and up through your basement floor costing you a finished basement. Unless you have paid for additional flood insurance, the normal home owner’s insurance policy does not cover flood damage, leaving you the headache and preventable costs of replacing flooring, insulation, drywall, and trim.

With seamless gutters, there are no crevices or seams, so you can be sure your gutters are performing the way they should.

When considering the installation of new seamless gutters consider Rock & Tait, we can promise expert installation, top quality products and superior customer support. Contact our Eau Claire area gutter installers today.

A gutter system is not complete without a gutter guard.

Eliminate the chore of cleaning out gutters and the risks involved by installing gutter guards with your new gutters.

Gutters are supposed to take water away from the home; If they are clogged, then the water overflows and ends up running down the side of the home and eventually causing foundation problems. Cleaning out gutters is a pain and it's risky being up on a ladder. Make your gutters maintenance-free with gutter guards. Learn more about gutter guards.

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Our Rain Gutter Product Line

Norandex Rain Gutters

Norandex® is a leading manufacturer of seamless rain gutters with the best warranty in the industry.

Vsiit Norandex®'s website.

Homeowner Preferred Colors

Norandex® offers a variety of colors to match your siding.

Norandex Gutter Swatches

Thank you for the work you did at our house! The project included revising our gutter, installing a new door (which involved vinyl siding work), creating two stamped concrete areas, building steps on two existing decks, and removing and reassembling a low stone landscape wall. We were kept informed of schedules and the work was done quickly and professionally. The men on sight were courteous and hardworking. It was an all-around pleasant experience for us!

Cindy Swenson

I had new roofing installed on my house that was built in 1940, with the vast majority of the work being done in one day with them finishing up the following day.  Josh, Ryan and the rest of the team were very professional and took the time to answer all my questions and or concerns. The following week, Tyler and one other individual came out to install seamless gutters with heating coils.  Again, both were very professional and answered any question that I had. Both teams went above and beyond with areas that I had pointed out with some of my questions and took care of some minor things as a simple courtesy to me that weren't part of the actual work being done. Overall, I am extremely happy with the completed work and everyone involved with the two projects.  I would most definitely consider them for future projects.

Gary Brooks

The crew came and asked for direction to ensure they were in the right space, let me know how the progress was going and helped clean up some brick dust mess that was unexpected. They were kind and respectful and thanked me when they left. We had four inches of spray foam insulation out on our ceiling of our business, which was a large job. Our gutter work looks nice too.  

Rebecca Gudis

Great job on a very large re-roof that was done perfectly.  Done in March-April 2018 during the time of the great snow falls.  Everything was done perfectly by Trevor and his team.  We were kept appraised with comments and pictures as we were not home when they did the work.  Included a new roof, all new gutters and guards, re-insulation of our great room and installation of a solar tube in one bathroom.  Could not be happier knowing they use their own crews and stand behind the work they do.  GREAT JOB!

Thomas Kell

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