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Basement Waterproofing
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A wet or musty basement can cause your clothing to smell or your allergies to flair up. Keep your family healthy with waterproofing options from Rock & Tait in Eau Claire.

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Waterproof your basement.

Dry out your wet basement and prevent future water problems with the help of our waterproofing experts.

If you suspect moisture in your home, it is time to take some steps to ensure your family's heath and your home's longevity. We recommend you do an easy test to identify what is causing the moisture. Tape a 1-foot square piece of aluminum on the inside of a basement wall for 24 hours. If there is condensation on the outside of the foil, you have a high level of humidity in the basement. You might be able to fix this with portable or whole-house dehumidifier. If you find condensation inside the aluminum (against the wall), you're likely dealing with soil around your home that is naturally very damp. In this case, you will likely want to take steps to waterproof your walls.

Sometimes adding a $20 gutter extension is all you need to fix your moisture problems. Perhaps, a sloping trench or underground pipe is be a better long-term solution. Exterior waterproofing may also be necessary which could involve excavating around your home and installing a drainage system. Other times just fixing some cracks or installing a sump-pump system is all that is needed.

Let Rock & Tait examine your space and discuss options with you to properly fix your water issues.

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Should I replace my sump pump?

If you have a sump pump, but are still noticing mold or a mildew smell it is likely time to replace it. Sump pumps typically have a lifespan of 10 years. If you don't know how old it is, it has likely outlived its lifespan. We can help replace the pump and fix any damage that occurred due to the broken pump.

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TK Products Waterproofing

TK Products is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified manufacturer of quality surface treatments for concrete for over 60 years. TK technology has created top performing products that aid in curing, protecting, restoring or beautifying concrete properly.

Visit TK Products' website.

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I had Rock & Tait remove the basement walkout on my house due to the walkout walls caving in. After removal, they closed in the old window with concrete, removed a door, added concrete to the lower door portion and added an egress window then filled the area in with sand. They did all this in one day. They came back and covered the entire area with black dirt, grass seed and straw in a later half-day. The crew was very knowledgeable about how to complete the job and worked into the evening to finish before rain came. I would recommend Rock & Tait to anyone requiring home repairs or yard work. Very professional and hard working group.  

James Swoboda

We recently had Rock and Tait do some brick pillars and concrete edging around our home. We are extremely happy with their workmanship and speed with which the work was completed. They showed up early and worked long hours to get the job done. Their employees were very kind and courteous. We have had many comments about how nice the pillars and edging look. They also did a stamped concrete patio for us last year that was everything we expected and more. 

Jim Chance

Rock & Tait poured a new concrete patio and front walkway in July. We had some minor issues they went above and beyond to make it right. We are thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to satisfaction.

Jessica Rose

We had our whole 1960s home remodeled, a concrete ramp/railings installed, a new concrete driveway poured, and our 1920s garage completely redone (windows, roof, and siding). Rock and Tait have a fantastic crew; they are passionate about their work, creative with solutions, and masters at their trade.

Christine Loftus

Very, very pleased with the work Rock and Tait did for me. Very professional, thorough, and patient from estimation to project completion. We were very diligent and careful on to selection of contractors as due to challenging landscaping we have. We needed to have a contractor that was precise and had a deep attention to quality.  We were not disappointed. Communication was excellent and the answered all of my questions with tact and professionalism no matter how simple they seemed. They even did special concrete disks with handprints for my kids which wasn't my idea, but meant a lot. I will be using these guys again and really appreciate it. I hope the concrete team sees this note.

David Jeske

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