As it’s getting colder now you’ll really start to notice if you need more insulation for your home. When we think about updating/remodeling we often times think about a new kitchen or bathroom, even siding or roofing, but we really need to start thinking more about insulation! Why? Because it is what helps to keep the conditioned air inside of your home and can really save you big money on energy bills; leaving more in your wallet for those fun projects!


So how do you know what’s in YOUR attic? The very best way is to get an “energy audit” also called a “home performance test”. This is preformed by a BPI professional (Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a nationally recognized certification, accreditation, and quality assurance body for home performance contractors). Here’s a short video to show you all about it:


Now, if they find that your home needs more insulation, it’ll be written in a full report to explain what needs to be done and where. They really pin point the problem so it can be fixed. It’s a road map to your home and shows how it functions as a whole!


How are you going to pay for the new insulation you ask?! Well, if you heat your home with at least 50% gas or electric through the participating companies you’ll receive an instant discount from Focus on Energy for the insulation work; PLUS a rebate of 80% of the discount added on top of that if you heat with Xcel Energy!

Below shows the amounts of discounts depending on how much energy reduction is made during the insulation project:

Air sealing and insulation Tier 1 Tier 2
10-19% energy reduction $850 $1,000
20-29% energy reduction $1,250 $1,500
30%+ energy reduction $2,000 $2,250

Tier 1 is available to all that use a participating utility company.


Tier 2 amounts are if your household income is lower than these amounts.  (Graph below)

2016 State Median Income (SMI) Chart
Household Size Annual Income 80% SMI 3 Month Income 80% SMI
1 $34,134 $8,534
2 $44,637 $11,159
3 $55,140 $13,785
4 $65,642 $16,411
5 $76,145 $19,036
6 $86,648 $21,662


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