Residential Roofing

There are many factors to consider when considering doing work on your home's roof.
Roofing For Your Residence

Rock & Tait performs a consultation with each homeowner to decide which roofing solution is best for their lifestyle, budget, and desired longevity.  We fix and install asphalt and steel roofing options, as well as rubber roofing for flat roofs.


How long you plan on living in your home should impact the actions you take when repairing or replacing your roof.  Let us help you make those decisions as you plan for your improved roof.  What investment makes sense for you?  A roofing project can come with a significant cost, but also comes with significant return on investment.


Sometimes the fix to your roofing problems could be replacing shingles, properly balancing attic ventilation systems or preventing ice dams, other times you might need an entirely new roof.  Rock & Tait will examine your whole-home system and make the best recommendation to address your concerns.

Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofs might be more difficult for home owners to clean and inspect themselves because of the sloped structure.  However, a pitched roof typically provides more structure and stability than a flat roof.  Pitched roofs are also incredibly dependable during snow melt or heavy rains, because all moisture should easily run off of the roof.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing has grown in popularity because they are a characteristic of modern design.  They typically provide the homeowner an easier surface to operate on if cleaning or inspections are needed.  However, drainage from a flat roof is not as efficient as a pitched roof, so a waterproof seal must be maintained regularly to prevent leaks and repairs.

  • How will I know if I need a new roof?

    Common signs indicating the need to replace your roof are:

    • Curled Up Shingles
    • Worn Granules
    • Loose/Missing Shingles
    • Spots On Interior Ceiling

    If you are uncertain if your roof needs to be replaced, contact us today and will gladly visit your home to preform a free consultation.

  • What will happen if I wait too long to replace my roof?

    If your roof is leaking, your repair bills will not only include the roof repair, but could include the cost of fixing insulation, drywall, paint, furniture and flooring. Don’t delay another day, get a free estimate and have your job done with in 1-2 weeks!

  • How long will my roofing project take to complete?

    It will depend on how large your roof is, as well as other factors. We have a large, experienced roofing crews that are able to get most standard residential roofs done in a day!

  • What is the best solution for my flat roof?

    We specialize in residential rubber and flat roofing. We can give you a professionally installed rubber roof on your house, garage or porch that doesn’t leak!

    Sometimes a better solution is constructing a pitched roof and installing a lifetime roofing product. It is more expensive upfront, but the long term headaches go away when you have a 50yr warranty – plus snow and rain have less chances to enter the building.


Want to learn more about some of the ways Rock & Tait can improve your home? Check out our new brochure!