We all know there are shingles on the roof, right? But what else goes up there to protect your house? The ‘what else’ is a very important part of what happens when you get your roof replaced. There’s a whole system that we use to ensure your home is protected for many years to come! That’s why we use the GAF Lifetime Roofing System!

We start with removing all of the old shingles and felt paper down to the sheathing (wood). This way we can inspect the wood for any damage, replace any needed before covering it up again.Really gives it a fresh start! We get the old shingles directly into our Equipter, to go the extra mile to protect your home and landscaping from damage.
Next is the leak barrier, GAF Weather Watch, commonly called ice and water shield. Typically it’s installed 3 feet up from eves, in valleys and around chimneys. We go above and beyond and install 6 feet up from eves to help protect the home even more.
The important deck protection is next. We normally use GAF Tiger Paw over the whole roof on the sheathing which helps provide longer lasting leak protection than normal roofing felt paper.
Starter shingles are then installed at the eves before regular shingles are installed. This helps to prevent blow-offs and eliminates waste.
Proper ventilation starts with the right intake and output of air flow through your attic. That is achieved though the soffits and the ridge vent. We can help with the technical part to calculate this. Poor ventilation can ruin your insulation, destroy shingles and raise energy costs!
Finally the shingles are applied. You have the choice of color and style of your home’s new shingles. Architectural style are most homeowners choice and a very nice option. Also there are designer shingles that you’ll want to check out as well.
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