The most effective and yet the most overlooked way to have your home feel and perform better is by updating the insulation.  Over 90% of homes are not insulated correctly today.  That’s 9 out of 10 existing houses!  This is because building codes for insulation standards have drastically increased over recent years as well as better insulation products and applications of the products to improve the homes energy efficiency.


Since we don’t visually see the homes insulation every day, most of us just don’t think about it or even consider insulation when making home improvements.  But it is one of the most important aspects of creating a comfortable and efficient home.


Rock & Tait is your premier insulation contractor in Eau Claire and the surrounding Chippewa Valley!  We specialize in insulating existing homes.  So if you want to say good-bye to cold & drafty rooms, high energy bills, and better protect your home; contact Rock & Tait for our insulation services:

  • Blown-in Cellulose in the attic
  • Attic air seal with spray foam
  • Spray foam on walls
  • Foam box sills
  • Foundation Insulation
  • Basement walls (Thermax)
  • Insulation Removal


Did you know that Focus on Energy right here in Wisconsin has huge discounts for insulation? $850-$2250 instant discount off the insulation cost. PLUS, if you heat your home with Xcel Energy they are matching 80% of the instant discount with a rebate right to you!


You can not go wrong with this kind of savings!

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Air can travel right THROUGH the fiberglass insulation:

Spray foam STOPS air flow! Keeping heat in:

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