Planning Your Space

There are many ways you can enhance or add space to make it work best for your family! From creating zones, developing a new outdoor space, or working with one of our experts to plan a new addition, there are numerous ways to upgrade your space!
Creating Family Space

Families today are busy, super busy. There are practices and events to shuttle kids to, dinners to cook, and laundry to fold. By the time all these chores are done, it is time for bed! That’s why it is so important to have a comfortable space to enjoy together. Check out a few tips to help make your space more functional and comfortable for your family.


Before you make any significant changes to your home, it is important to evaluate how your space is used. Where do you typically eat dinner or get homework done? Are there rooms where most of the activity takes place or rooms that are hardly used? Spending money on a room no one uses may be a mistake, while changing a room with the most traffic could interrupt your normal flow. However, making smart updates to these rooms could make a huge impact in your day to day life!

Outdoor Space

Creating a family friendly outdoor space can be a great addition to every home! Living in Wisconsin, it seems like the summers fly by, so give yourself a comfortable place to enjoy them! Great outdoor spaces should include some cozy pieces like a hammock or upholstered ottomans. Consider dining tables and chairs made of low maintenance materials for easy upkeep, and some nice lighting features make your outdoor space safer for use at night. If you’re feeling cramped inside your home, consider getting out!

Create Zones

Does your family participate in activities that you always want to happen in one space of your home, like eating together at the dining table or sleeping in one’s own bed? Designate those spaces, and create zones that enable those activities to happen more easily. With that, it is also important to recognize many spaces are multifunctional. For busy parents, creating a work space near the kitchen or main living room allows you to get work done while keeping tabs on your busy kids. Setting a standard for how spaces should be used is a great way to help keep the peace in your home.

Having great common living spaces has many advantages, from feeling more comfortable, to making it easier to supervise your kids, and getting more work done. Create a space in your home that encourages comfort and provides function for a busy family!


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