Storm Doors

Create a more comfortable, energy efficient house, and let the natural light into your home with storm doors from Rock & Tait in Eau Claire.

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Storm doors can make a big impact on the comfort, efficiency, and protection of both your entryway and your entire home. These second outer doors offer added protection in tough weather and improved ventilation in fair weather.


Storm doors serve several purposes and offer homeowners many advantages. As the name suggests, storm doors protect your main entry door from bad weather, including rain, ice, and snow, keeping it in tip-top shape for years, no matter the weather it endures. And when it comes to extreme temperatures, storm doors add an extra layer of insulation against air leaks. Because many exterior doors are major culprits of air leaks, this can improve your home’s overall efficiency.

When storm doors aren’t protecting against air leaks, they may be enabling them. In nice weather, some storm doors allow additional light and ventilation into your home for some welcome fresh air. So while front doors are often opaque, storm doors allow you to see out. You can watch your kids play in the yard, your pet can watch the world go by, or you can simply embrace the natural light as you and your family go about your days.


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