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Are you looking for a way to lower your energy bill, while increasing your home’s value? The window experts at Rock & Tait in Eau Claire can help.

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Choose from full or partial replacement windows.

Are you looking for a way to lower your energy bill, while increasing your home’s value? Do you want to freshen up the look of your house? New windows can give your home a brand new look and feel, and with our wide selection of choices, you can find the style that perfectly fits your preference and budget. But windows from Rock & Tait aren’t just for looks, they’re functional as well.


New windows can dramatically lower your energy bill by reducing heating and cooling loss. We offer energy-efficient choices that will maintain the comfort of your home, while reducing heating and cooling losses. These products can even qualify for tax credits and other incentives.


In addition to saving you money, the right window for you will also save you time. Say goodbye to time-consuming and inconvenient window cleaning. Our products are all low maintenance, to help make your life easier.


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Never underestimate the importance of proper installation. Even the best window won’t perform effectively if it’s installed incorrectly. Here at Rock & Tait, we have years of experience under our belts, and with our training in building science, we understand your home as a system.

Not sure if you need full replacement windows or partial replacement windows? Our full replacement windows involve removing the entire window, including the exterior and interior trim, and the windowsill, and replacing it, giving your home a refreshed look. Partial replacement windows are designed to fit inside your existing window frame, leaving both the interior and exterior trim completely intact.


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