Wet Basement

Does your basement feel damp or smell musty? You may have excess moisture getting in. Protect your home with our wet basement waterproofing services.

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Protect your home with our basement waterproofing services.

Your concrete basement walls feel solid, but there are ways for water to infiltrate into your basement, causing a huge headache with a wet basement. The seasonal extremes we face in Eau Claire, WI, mixed with poor ventilation, are often to blame. Whether it’s after heavy rain, or rapidly melting snow, you may find your basement smells musty, or feels damp. We’ll help you reduce excess moisture, and stop it from coming back.


There are many ways to prevent this and keep your basement dry. We work with you to waterproof your basement, meaning you can say goodbye to the headache of having a wet basement.


Restore the value of your home by getting rid of the feel and smell of excess moisture in the air, and waterproofing your wet basement. Contact us today to talk to our basement waterproofing experts or get a free quote!


Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, any kind of moisture can damage framing, carpeting, and drywall. It can even cause hardwood floors on the level above to buckle. With a higher moisture level, you also run the risk of developing mold in your basement. With Rock & Tait, the stress of having a wet basement will be a thing of the past.


A wet basement doesn’t just lead to a musty smell, it can cause serious problems. The moisture may lead to mold, and damaged walls, floors, and even roofs. This can lower the value of your home, while increasing your stress level.


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