Water Control

Don't fret about a wet basement, the experts at Rock & Tait in Eau Claire will help diagnose and fix the problem so you don't have to worry about persistent leaks or dampness.

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How Is

Water Getting In?

Water or moisture in your basement can be one of the most frustrating things homeowners can encounter. We will work with you to identify where the water is getting in, and the best way to fix the the problem.



One size does not fit all with basement waterproofing systems. Every basement water problem is unique, so every solution should be customized to fit your home and your concerns to ensure a lasting solution.

Determine the Cause of the Leak

If you've noticed water or moisture in your basement, our efforts to fix the problem actually begin outside of your home. We expect your home's gutters and downspouts to ensure they are working correctly and effectively diverting water away from the building. We will also investigate the grade of the soil to lead water away from your foundation, rather than toward it. If your leak is caused by one of these issues, you can generally look forward to a relatively quick and easy fix to your problem.

Types of Solutions

The waterproofing solution we recommend is based on your home's unique situation and construction. Often plans to eliminate water or moisture includes a combination of many types of approaches. Whether your plan is somewhat simple or more complex, we work with you to get the job done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Your concrete basement walls feel solid, but there are ways for water to infiltrate into your basement, causing a huge headache with a wet basement. The seasonal extremes we face in Eau Claire, WI, mixed with poor ventilation, are often to blame. Whether it’s after heavy rain, or rapidly melting snow, you may find your basement smells musty, or feels damp. Any kind of moisture can damage framing, carpeting, and drywall, and can even cause hardwood floors on the level above to buckle. A wet basement doesn’t just lead to a musty smell, it can cause serious problems. The moisture may lead to mold, and damaged walls, floors, and even roofs. This can lower the value of your home, while increasing your stress level. Restore the value of your home by getting rid of the feel and smell of excess moisture in the air, and waterproofing your wet basement!


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