Steel Siding

Steel siding is extremely durable, low maintenance, and will last a lifetime. At Rock & Tait in Eau Claire, we are experts at installing steel siding.

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Steel siding is long-lasting and beautiful.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and durable type of siding, steel might be the choice for you!  Compared to some other types of siding, metal takes minimal effort of upkeep by the homeowner once installed.  This is especially valuable for parts of the country like ours that suffers severe winters.  Snow, sleet, frost, rain, wind, and heat has very little effect on metal.  Insect damage is also basically eliminated using metal siding.


Steel siding is available in a variety of patterns and textures that mimic wood and other types of siding.  Choosing a color you love in a look that suits your taste is the ultimate way to increase your curb appeal and display your style.

  • Does steel siding dent or get damaged from hail?

    Steel siding holds up much better than aluminum or vinyl siding to dings, dents, and weather. It is more durable and has a better warranty. For example our featured steel siding product, Cedarwood Steel by Revere, has a 50 year hail warranty!

  • What does steel siding look like?

    Steel siding also comes in a variety of colors and grains to match your taste.

  • What is cement board siding made from?

    Fiber cement is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. It is engineered to be durable and customizable.

  • Why Choose LP SmartSide Siding?

    LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products deliver the beautiful, authentic look of real wood. But they offer multiple advantages over traditional wood trim and siding materials.

    They’re free of knots, resist cupping and warping. They’re factory pre-primed to take paint well and the manufacturing process helps protect against termite damage and fungal decay.


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