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When it comes to curb appeal, the first things we often notice are siding, windows, and the front door. But accent features can significantly change the outward appearance of your home too. Soffit and fascia are two accent features on the exterior of your home, and are also incredibly important to the overall function of it, inside and out.


Changing or updating small accent features on your home can dramatically change the look of your house, instantly improving your curb appeal and the value of your home. But these architectural elements don’t just add visual interest your home, they also give it uniquely finished look. In short, soffit and fascia, although accent features, keep your home looking good all year long.

Beyond curb appeal, soffit and fascia also have important functions. Soffit, the exposed siding below a roof’s overhang, maintains a consistent and controlled airflow between your roof and your attic. Without quality soffit, you run the risk of a poorly ventilated, humid attic, causing harmful mold to form. Soffit also helps keep insects, animals, and water out of your house.


Meanwhile, fascia, the siding directly above your soffit and behind the rain gutter, protects your home from excess moisture getting in. It’s also what your rain gutters are installed on. Gutters further shield your home from water damage, so it’s important that you’re fascia is able to support the gutters, during everything from torrential downpours to extensive amounts of melting snow.

If you’re looking to replace your siding and take your curb appeal and home value to the next level, first consider new soffit and fascia. The best time to get new soffit and fascia is just after re-roofing your home, or before re-siding. For more information on soffit and fascia, contact a project advisor at Rock & Tait here.


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