Sidewalk & Driveway Replacement

A sinking sidewalk or driveway could be dangerous for your family and friends. Rock & Tait in Eau Claire can help you determine what is your best option for sidewalk and driveway repair or replacement.

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Upgrade your sidewalk and driveway.

Damaged concrete is not only an eye sore, but can become a danger to friends, family, or neighbors.  Once you’ve decided it is time to fix your concrete, what is your next step?  Rock & Tait can help you determine if it is possible to fix it, or if replacing the concrete is necessary.

If the wear and tear on your concrete surfaces is too great, Rock & Tait may recommend pouring new concrete.  If that is necessary, we can help you remove the old, replace with new, and help restore your landscaping.  Replacing your old concrete can be frustrating, but it could also provide a great opportunity to increase your curb appeal and embrace new trends!

  • Can a concrete driveway be repaired rather than replaced?

    Depending on the degree and size of concrete damage, some repairs may be possible.  In some instances, an area of concrete can be removed and replaced.  Often though, concrete is replaced instead of trying to be repaired.

  • Will I need to do anything to help fix or replace my driveway?

    You don’t need to do much, we’ll handle it all!  Rock & Tait will determine why there was damage to your concrete to begin with, and how to best fix it.  Depending on the level of damage and type of subsoil at your home, we might be able to fix the issue in only a day with no damage to your landscaping!

  • How soon can I use my new driveway?

    You can feel free to walk on your new driveway in just a few days.  We recommend you not drive on your new driveway for at least a week.


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