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Masonry is the art of stacking and bonding brick and stone to create a unique decorative design on the interior or exterior of homes and commercial buildings. Unlike paint or other coatings put on top of concrete, natural stone will maintain its original appearance for a rich and diverse look that will last through both time and weather. No matter your project, masonry can provide a beautiful look and feel and increase your home’s value, all at an affordable price.


Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is extremely versatile and can help create a variety of looks in your home. Stone has the potential to look beautiful and grandiose, while also appearing warm and inviting. Using different materials, we can help you achieve the aesthetic and style you want in your home whether rustic, elegant, or modern. This type of masonry can be utilized on fireplaces, walls, columns, stoves, and more.

Stone is also extremely durable. There is no other material that is as strong or weather resistant as stone. It will also remain unaffected by everyday wear and tear. If you’re looking to add elements to your home that are guaranteed to stand the test of time, look to stone to achieve it.


Stone Veneers

If you want to get a similar look and feel of stone, but with a smaller price tag, we also offer stone veneers. Stone veneers come with multiple benefits in addition to being more affordable, including a wide range of aesthetic choices, a durable composition, and compatibility with most surfaces.

Stucco Siding

For a completely different look, we offer stucco siding, which is made of natural materials that come together to form a completely unique, customizable look. Stucco siding is a long-lasting, durable choice that’s able to withstand weather, including rain, snow, and ice. Combine beauty and function with stucco siding, which lends a smooth, traditional look to any house, while helping you create a more energy-efficient home.


Chimney Grinding and Tuckpointing

If you’re not looking for new brick or stone, but instead want to restore or protect what you currently have, we also offer chimney grinding and tuckpointing. In this process, we remove, or grind out, defective mortar before replacing it with new mortar. Chimney grinding and tuckpointing ensures your brick or stone holds strong and looks good for years to come.


Concrete Block Foundation Repair

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your home though is the foundation its built on. We specialize in concrete block foundation repair. Cracks in foundation can be caused by a variety of factors, including weather and time. We’ll fix the damage and use proven techniques to prevent similar cracks in the future so you don’t have to worry about it again. You love your home, make sure its foundation is strong.


Finishing Touches with Masonry

We can help you create a unique look that is sure to impress and last for years. We will work with you to design your dream home, including chimneys, archways, and rock and stone features. In addition to major home design concepts, we are able to add beautiful home accents to your outdoor spaces.  Finishing touches with masonry can help make your yard, garden, or other special home spaces a place of comfort and serenity with the addition of a beautiful water feature or fire pit.


To get inspired for your next home project, check out our masonry idea gallery. Or if you have questions or are ready to start creating your dream home, contact us to learn more about our masonry services.

  • Are materials, other than brick or stone, used with masonry?

    Common materials of masonry construction are brick, building stones like marble, granite, travertine, and limestone, cast stone, concrete blocks, or glass blocks.

  • What are some advantages of masonry?

    Bricks and stones can withstand more heat than other building materials, meaning your home may be more protected from fire.  Masonry walls are also more resistant to projectiles, such as debris from hurricanes or tornados.

  • Do you have to receive special training to complete masonry projects?

    Most masons enter a masonry certificate program lasting from two to four semesters, or pursue a three to four year apprenticeship with an experienced mason.  To practice, most masons must have at least four years of experience and extensive knowledge of masonry practices.

  • Is a home with masonry quieter than wood construction?

    Yes, it can be!  Concrete blocks and other masonry products have better sound-proofing qualities than traditional wood or stucco.  The rigidity of rock and brick doesn’t allow sound waves to reverberate as easily as wood and drywall.


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