Do you get condensation on your windows?

Humidity might be the cause…
Condensation that forms on your windows is from warm, moist air coming in contact with a smooth, cold surface. Are your windows to blame? Not necessarily. What actually could be happening is the humid air in your home hits the coldest part it can find and condensates there. Sometimes it even starts to freeze on your windows!
That condensation can really cause serious damage to your home. It can lead to mold and mildew growing on the frame or even spread further to walls.
Cause of condensation:
From cooking in the kitchen- steam evaporating from boiling water, to showering, washing dishes, snow brought inside on boots/shoes, and even just breathing! The more people and animals in your home contribute to how much added humidity/moisture is present.
Solutions to prevent condensation:
So how can this be prevented from happening? It’s basically as simple as controlling the moist air in your home. Knowing and controlling where it comes from then getting it removed properly.


Ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathroom area are extremely important to control the moisture throughout your home. Install a new quiet exhaust fan that moves air out at 50 CFM (cubic feet per minute). Most homes we’ve seen are around 10-20 cfm which isn’t moving enough moist air out of your home. Also, very importantly that warm moist air that your getting out of your home, needs to actually be going out of your home and not just in your attic! That will cause mold and mildew which leads to many more problems for your family.


Use a dehumidifier when needed. You can check your home humidity level using a “hygrometer”. They run around $10-$15 on Amazon. Then you can track how much humidity you actually have in your home and use your dehumidifier or ventilation fans more when needed. You’ll want to try and keep it under 40% in the cold winter months.


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