What is an Equipter RB-4000?

The Equipter RB-4000 in the simplest terms is an aluminum container that can be towed, drove, raised and dumped. It has a gas powered engine that allow you to drive it into tight place without a struggling. Hydraulic pumps raise the container to roof level and allows it to tip and dump the debris into a regular dumpster.


Equipter RB-4000 Features

  • Hydrostatic Drive System With A 13 Horsepower Honda Engine- Allows you to move around job sites easily without damaging landscaping
  • Dual-Purpose 12-Foot Lift- Allows removing debris efficient and allows you to lift materials up to the crew. Also makes dumping simple.
  • 4-Foot Roll-Back Extension- Helps keep landscaping from being ruined by falling material and makes removal easier on workers.
  • Dump-Able- Is capable of dumping almost 4 cubic yards of material
  • Powered Tailgate- Makes dumping easier.
  • Made To Tow-Its front wheels lift and its drive axle automatically disengages so you can hook it up and haul it to your job site.
  • Wide Tires- Protects you from rutting up yards
  • 4 Stabilizers-They operate independently so that you can lift the container even when on un-level ground.
  • Aluminum Container- Lightweight, durable and rust proof.


Projects Get Completed In Less Time With The Equipter RB-4000

The Equipter RB-4000 allows for jobs to be completed in a more timely manner for multiple reasons. First off the maneuverability allow it to fit into tight spaces with ease. It has large rear tires which saves time fixing the lawn when the projected is completed. Being able to raise the container saves time cleaning up and also allows you to get material to the workers much faster. The 4-foot Roll-back extensions also saves us time by not having to pick material off the ground and from fixing landscape. The Equipter RB-4000 benefits not only Rock & Tait to get the job done faster but also you the customer because you don’t have to worry about your lawn or landscaping looking like a mess when the project is complete because the Equipter protects against that from happening. Press the link below to see a video on how it’s a win-win for both the customer and us at Rock & Tait to use an equipter at your home!


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