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Improving homes, building families!

Take a look at this step by step process of protecting this family’s home. It started with leaking into their beloved back porch on their 130 year old home and they really needed this fixed before winter came.  

Protecting Your Home With A New Roof

  Our exceptional roofing crew completed this home’s new roof before Thanksgiving last week.   During Thanksgiving and Christmas time we all think about what we are thankful for and family normally ranks on top of the list, right?… Read more »

Fall Maintenance Tips

The kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the temps are dropping fast…. It’s time to prepare your home for winter in Wisconsin. Here’s a few reminders to take care of now before the snow flies!  … Read more »

Roofing and Insulation; Working Together

Are you planning to get new shingles on your roof this summer? If so, there’s more than just new shingles that go into protecting your biggest investment.   When replacing the roof it’s also the best time to address what’s… Read more »

Roof replacement; is there more to it than shingles?

We all know there are shingles on the roof, right? But what else goes up there to protect your house? The ‘what else’ is a very important part of what happens when you get your roof replaced. There’s a whole system… Read more »

Is your home winter ready?

We  put together 5 helpful tips to get your home ready for winter here in Wisconsin! We’re about to have very cold temps and snow/ice for the next 5 months so it’s very important to spend some time preparing before… Read more »

It isn’t too late this Fall to get your roof replaced & update the attic insulation too!

The chill is in the air now that it’s Fall and everyone is preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. But have you thought about preparing your home for the Fall and Winter with proper insulation in your home? Decorating this time of… Read more »

Is it time to get my roof replaced?

Not everyone is an expert in all aspects of home ownership. There are many things to keep your home running right: Air Conditioning and Heating, Landscaping/Mowing, General and Deep Cleaning, Plumbing, and Appliance Repair or Replacement.   So when it… Read more »

Need Help Choosing the Right Windows For Your Home?

We Feature Ply Gem Windows in Three Different Series 2000 Contractor Series Pro Series Replacement Premium Series Replacement 2000 Contractor Series The 2000 Contractor Series delivers value, performance and style to any project in any home. Ply Gem Windows Contractor… Read more »

Did you know Rock & Tait uses an Equipter RB-4000 when we roof homes?

  What is an Equipter RB-4000? The Equipter RB-4000 in the simplest terms is an aluminum container that can be towed, drove, raised and dumped. It has a gas powered engine that allow you to drive it into tight place without a… Read more »