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Should I add insulation to my home in the summer?

“Should I add insulation to my home in the summer?”   The answer to that is a big YES! Insulation helps your home’s air conditioned air stay in your home. Your air conditioner would run less often to keep your… Read more »

Insulation Contractor in Eau Claire

  Are you feeling cold in your home? This week’s slight warm up will be a welcomed change from the fidget temps we’ve had this winter so far. Something to keep in mind is how your insulation is preforming year-round.… Read more »

What’s in YOUR attic?

  As it’s getting colder now you’ll really start to notice if you need more insulation for your home. When we think about updating/remodeling we often times think about a new kitchen or bathroom, even siding or roofing, but we really… Read more »

Is your home winter ready?

We  put together 5 helpful tips to get your home ready for winter here in Wisconsin! We’re about to have very cold temps and snow/ice for the next 5 months so it’s very important to spend some time preparing before… Read more »

Have you heard of a home performance test or an energy audit?

What’s a home performance test or energy audit? It’s an assessment of how much energy a home consumes and a report of recommendations for ways to decrease the home’s energy usage. An audit will pinpoint where your house is losing energy… Read more »

Focus on Energy’s Home Performance with Energy Star Program

As we are now starting to get into winter, I’ve been getting many more questions about the Focus on Energy program and we’d like to help clarify how it works here:   Focus on Energy is Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and… Read more »