Category: Energy Efficiency

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Today is a great day to reduce your energy costs and save on your energy bills! Everything you do or don’t do each day can really add up into huge energy savings! Here are some ideas to get you started:… Read more »

Do you get condensation on your windows?

Humidity might be the cause… Condensation that forms on your windows is from warm, moist air coming in contact with a smooth, cold surface. Are your windows to blame? Not necessarily. What actually could be happening is the humid air… Read more »

Fall Maintenance Tips

The kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the temps are dropping fast…. It’s time to prepare your home for winter in Wisconsin. Here’s a few reminders to take care of now before the snow flies!  … Read more »

Should I add insulation to my home in the summer?

“Should I add insulation to my home in the summer?”   The answer to that is a big YES! Insulation helps your home’s air conditioned air stay in your home. Your air conditioner would run less often to keep your… Read more »

Home Insulation Contractor in Eau Claire

The most effective and yet the most overlooked way to have your home feel and perform better is by updating the insulation.  Over 90% of homes are not insulated correctly today.  That’s 9 out of 10 existing houses!  This is… Read more »

Is your home winter ready?

We  put together 5 helpful tips to get your home ready for winter here in Wisconsin! We’re about to have very cold temps and snow/ice for the next 5 months so it’s very important to spend some time preparing before… Read more »

Conserve Energy on Earth day and Beyond!

There are MANY ways to conserve energy and help the Earth in our daily lives!  We can choose to buy products with less packaging, turn lights off when not in use, make less trips with our cars and many, many… Read more »

Have you heard of a home performance test or an energy audit?

What’s a home performance test or energy audit? It’s an assessment of how much energy a home consumes and a report of recommendations for ways to decrease the home’s energy usage. An audit will pinpoint where your house is losing energy… Read more »

Focus on Energy’s Home Performance with Energy Star Program

As we are now starting to get into winter, I’ve been getting many more questions about the Focus on Energy program and we’d like to help clarify how it works here:   Focus on Energy is Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and… Read more »

How do I know if insulation is done correctly in my attic?

I was asked this question from a homeowner this week and it really got me thinking…   How do you KNOW if insulation work is being done correctly in your attic when you hire a company to do it?    Insulation is a… Read more »