Author: Brianna

National Grilling Month: 3 Family Favorite Meals

To celebrate National Grilling Month I’d like to share with you 3 of my family’s favorite meals on the grill!   Doritos Cheeseburgers- Burgers are a big hit any time of the year, but when you fire up that grill… Read more »

Roofing and Insulation; Working Together

Are you planning to get new shingles on your roof this summer? If so, there’s more than just new shingles that go into protecting your biggest investment.   When replacing the roof it’s also the best time to address what’s… Read more »

How to Prioritize Your Home Improvement Projects

What are some of the most important things to start with when planning to improve your home? You’ll want to make sure the “shell” or “base” of your home is in the best condition it can be before changing the… Read more »

Should I add insulation to my home in the summer?

“Should I add insulation to my home in the summer?”   The answer to that is a big YES! Insulation helps your home’s air conditioned air stay in your home. Your air conditioner would run less often to keep your… Read more »

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Decorative & Stamped Concrete for Patios, Walkways, & More!   When homeowners think of increasing the curb appeal of their home, they might think about things like landscaping, siding, or roofing.   Concrete is… Read more »

LP Smartside vs Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding

  When choosing new siding for your home what factors do you consider?   Color choices for sure, but also durability! Check out this video of how well LP Smartside preforms under pressure…     Would you like to get this… Read more »

Roof replacement; is there more to it than shingles?

We all know there are shingles on the roof, right? But what else goes up there to protect your house? The ‘what else’ is a very important part of what happens when you get your roof replaced. There’s a whole system… Read more »

The Benefits of Getting Your Remodeling Project Started Early

Katie Kuenkel interviews Kane Rockow of Rock & Tait Exteriors in Eau Claire, WI   Why is now the time to start thinking about gathering information for our spring projects? You want to enjoy the benefits of the remodeling project.… Read more »

Chippewa Valley Home and Garden Show

Come on out to the 39TH Annual Chippewa Valley Home Builder Association Home and Garden show at the Eau Claire Sports Center, Feb. 17th-19th.    We will have our trained, experienced staff on duty and ready for your questions about Roofing,… Read more »

Insulation Contractor in Eau Claire

  Are you feeling cold in your home? This week’s slight warm up will be a welcomed change from the fidget temps we’ve had this winter so far. Something to keep in mind is how your insulation is preforming year-round.… Read more »