Author: Brianna

Functionality at it’s finest

We don’t often give a lot of thought about going in and out of our home; until it gets difficult to do so. Creating a safe and functional entry way was the top priority for this homeowner. Their goal was… Read more »

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Today is a great day to reduce your energy costs and save on your energy bills! Everything you do or don’t do each day can really add up into huge energy savings! Here are some ideas to get you started:… Read more »

Simplify your space: Decluttering made easy!

One of the top things people want in their home is for it to be clean. To each family that may mean different things. I am much more relaxed when my home is tidy, neat and things put away. This… Read more »

Do you get condensation on your windows?

Humidity might be the cause… Condensation that forms on your windows is from warm, moist air coming in contact with a smooth, cold surface. Are your windows to blame? Not necessarily. What actually could be happening is the humid air… Read more »

Improving homes, building families!

Take a look at this step by step process of protecting this family’s home. It started with leaking into their beloved back porch on their 130 year old home and they really needed this fixed before winter came.  

Protecting Your Home With A New Roof

    Our exceptional roofing crew completed this home’s new roof before Thanksgiving last week.   During Thanksgiving and Christmas time we all think about what we are thankful for and family normally ranks on top of the list, right?… Read more »

Stay Warm & Save Money!

Stay Warm & Save Money!   Getting your home properly insulated is easier than ever right now with big discounts from Focus on Energy and additional rebates with Xcel Energy!   It all starts with an energy audit for your home. Sign… Read more »

Relax In Your Own Backyard!

When you’re in your backyard are you constantly thinking of ways to improve it? Wishing you had a way to extend your deck to create more usable space?   Here’s a backyard from this past Spring.   These homeowners visited… Read more »

Do You Close Your Windows In The Winter?

  You wouldn’t leave a window in your house open all winter, would you?   No, of course not!   Did you know that all of the gaps in your attic add up quickly and are allowing your heated air… Read more »

Fall Maintenance Tips

The kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the temps are dropping fast…. It’s time to prepare your home for winter in Wisconsin. Here’s a few reminders to take care of now before the snow flies!  … Read more »