Are you trying to decide what type of siding is best for you and your home? Are you concerned about the durability, warranty, and color options? Let us tell you all about LP Smartside and why it’s the best choice!



More Impact Resistant- LP SmartSide was independently test by NASA to prove that it would handle being hit by projectiles such as golf balls, baseballs or even rocks better than its competitin. NASA proved that LP SmartSide stood up to these object far better than fiber cement products that it was tested against.

Time Tested- LP has manufactured over 8 billion square feet of  SmartSide products and has been on homes since 1997.


Longer Warranty- The LP SmartSide limited warranty is longer than almost all other siding warranties. If you would like more information on the warranty option visit to learn more.


No Efflorescence- LP SmartSide does not contain Efflorescence because it can cause discoloration


375% Stronger- Normal siding will take about 18 lbs of force to pull it away from a wall where with Rigid Stack interlock design requires 70 lbs of force.

How It’s Made

Turn Away Termites

LP SmartSide has been tested against untreated wood to compare the damage against the Formosan termites, what is recognized as one of the world’s most destructive pests. The test was set up by placing each sample directly on top of colonies. In only three months the bait samples were completely destroyed, even after three years the LP SmartSide siding shows no structural damage.


LP SmartSide Colors and Options

Not only is LP SmartSide top in its class in durability it also has many colors and options which allows you to have the best of both worlds. To get a better idea of how your home would look with a certain color of siding, decorative shakes and trim visit this will allow to mix and match all the option that LP SmartSide has to offer. When you find a combination that is perfect for you, save your design and set up a estimate with Rock & Tait to turn that virtual creation into your own beautiful home.

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