We  put together 5 helpful tips to get your home ready for winter here in Wisconsin! We’re about to have very cold temps and snow/ice for the next 5 months so it’s very important to spend some time preparing before it’s freezing outside.


1. Seal cracks or gaps around windows and doors – Check around windows and doors for anything that needs to be sealed. Typically a clear 100% silicone based caulk is best.

2. Inspect your roofing and gutters – If you’re able; check your gutters to ensure they are clear of leaves and debris. Later Fall is a great time to do so before the snow starts. Always be safe when working on a ladder. This could be a task to hire someone to handle if you’re not comfortable doing that. If you’re thinking of adding a leaf prevention system you could hire a company to clean the gutters out and install leaf guard protection right after to help minimize how much can get into your gutters to begin with.


As far as roofing goes I’d suggest having a certified and reputable roofing company come inspect your roof to give an estimate for any repairs that might be needed this Fall. If you’ve had any leaking or notice the shingles are cracked or too worn out to make it another winter call your trusted, local roofing company.

*Rock & Tait does specialize in both roofing and  gutter protection too!


3. Ceiling fans – Did you know that running your ceiling fans in the winter can help save money on heating too? If you reverse the setting on them to clockwise and run on low you’ll help to move the heated air down from the ceiling. Every little bit of energy savings can add up!



4. Have your furnace checked out by a pro – Having a maintenance schedule with a trusted heating and cooling specialist can save you $1000’s by having preventative maintenance preformed before you have an emergency on your hands. They can help make sure your furnace is running at it’s best which helps save money on your heating bills.


Also, one thing you can do to help keep the furnace working efficiently is changing the filters regularly.


5. Check your home’s insulation


Having an insulation specialist come check out your insulation; including the attic and your whole house for proper insulation is really a MUST do. Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes in America are under-insulated? In our climate we can’t afford NOT to insulate correctly! Call us today to have an expert come inspect your home to see if/where you’re losing heated air. There are many discounts and rebates available through Focus on Energy and most local utility companies to reduce the cost of getting insulation, it’s a WIN-WIN for you! Save money on the insulation being installed and then continue to save with lower monthly heating bills!


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