Month: October 2015

GAF’s Elite Advisory Board

This year we were recognized as a LEADER in our industry by America’s #1 selling shingle company-GAF!    This is straight from our invitation to join this exclusive program: “Congratulations! You have been nominated to be a member of our Elite Adviser Program. We are aware… Read more »

Is cheaper really better?

I bet you have heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for!” Have you personally experienced the ramifications for paying too little for a service/product and ended up getting poor service or an unfavorable outcome?    Think about it related to… Read more »

How do I know if insulation is done correctly in my attic?

I was asked this question from a homeowner this week and it really got me thinking…   How do you KNOW if insulation work is being done correctly in your attic when you hire a company to do it?    Insulation is a… Read more »

Best of the Chippewa Valley!

We are very thankful to all the Volume One readers who were polled about the Best Construction company in the Chippewa Valley. With your votes we are listed at #3 out of many construction companies in the area. We are proud to say… Read more »